AFT – Season 4 – Episode 3: Walter Boyd

In this episode of Alameda Family Talk, Walter Boyd visits with Youth & Family Minister Lee Langdon and the Alameda Summit Youth Ministry on a Zoom call.

What was it like to grow up in south Oklahoma City as a young man of color? The Black Lives Matter campaign and the racism issues being discussed in homes around the world, what does it all mean? What Scriptures help you view the world as a disciple of Jesus?

These questions and more are discussed and answered by Walter. If you listen to this podcast you will be challenged and blessed. Enjoy!

AFT – Season 4 – Episode 2: Matthew Dowling

This season on Alameda Family Talk, Senior Minister Rusty Tugman is talking with Alameda members about how they’re adjusting to life during this COVID-19 pandemic.

This week, Rusty talks with Matthew Dowling, minister at Plymouth Church of Christ in Michigan, and a former member at Alameda. Rusty and Matthew talk about COVID-19 and discuss topics, such as why does God allow something like this to happen? and tips on how to deal with grief during this time.

(AFT’s theme song is taken from Paul Simon’s song You Can Call Me Al. Download this classic song!)