AFT Season 2 – Episode 1: JoAnn Belknap

I was honored to visit with one of our most active and longstanding Alameda members, JoAnn Belknap. During our conversation JoAnn shared about her marriage to Ray Evans, their overseas mission work, and her life with Ray until his untimely death. She also shared how Hal Belknap convinced her to finally go on a first date! Curious? Listen to JoAnn talk about her passion for missions and a special medical clinic in Uganda, her pride for the boys of Troop 77, and her love for the children in Alameda’s toddler room who she takes care of during the summer months on Sunday mornings. This two-time cancer survivor has a vast legacy that extends over decades. I hope you will take a few minutes and get to know JoAnn Belknap.

JoAnn in Uganda passing out mosquito nets!

(Intro and outro music both come from Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al. you can purchase this song HERE.)