AFT Season 2 – Episode 4: Brandon “Kiefer”

Brandon Kiefer, our 2017 Summit summer intern, he is finally here! Listen to our fun discussion on his first day in the office. Learn about where he is from, about his family, and why he chose to attend Oklahoma Christian. A combined history major and a band musician, Kiefer loves a good musical. Find out what instrument he plays in the OC band. Do you play ping-pong? Maybe you should challenge him this summer! I hope you will listen to our podcast and then introduce yourself to Kiefer next time you get a chance.

Kiefer at the OKC Dodgers game with the Summit!

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AFT Season 2 – Episode 3: Charlotte Barnachez

I was very pleased to visit with Charlotte Barnachez in my office recently. She is a lovely woman full of surprises! Find out where she lived overseas when she was first married. Learn about her far-away children, her sandy Texas childhood, and how she is a mother to well over 74 children! Charlotte is a longtime member of Alameda and has served many people in various ways, through various ministries. Take a listen to our conversation and get to know a little more this faithful servant.

This is a great picture of Charlotte!

(AFT’s theme song is taken from Paul Simon’s song You Can Call Me Al. Download this classic song!)

AFT Season 2 – Episode 2: Elda Marroquin

We have a hidden treasure who works hard for Alameda week after week, Elda Marroquin. In this episode we learn where Elda is from, the reasons why she left her home country and immigrated to the United States years ago, and how she ended up in Norman, Oklahoma. Do you wonder how immigrants living and working among our church family feel about the current deportation situation in America? Elda offers an insightful perspective. And have you tasted her cooking? She’s good, trust me! Listen to this episode and get to know a little more about Elda Marroquin.

Elda in her OU hoodie…Go Sooners!

(AFT’s theme song is taken from Paul Simon’s song You Can Call Me Al. Download this classic!)

AFT Season 2 – Episode 1: JoAnn Belknap

I was honored to visit with one of our most active and longstanding Alameda members, JoAnn Belknap. During our conversation JoAnn shared about her marriage to Ray Evans, their overseas mission work, and her life with Ray until his untimely death. She also shared how Hal Belknap convinced her to finally go on a first date! Curious? Listen to JoAnn talk about her passion for missions and a special medical clinic in Uganda, her pride for the boys of Troop 77, and her love for the children in Alameda’s toddler room who she takes care of during the summer months on Sunday mornings. This two-time cancer survivor has a vast legacy that extends over decades. I hope you will take a few minutes and get to know JoAnn Belknap.

JoAnn in Uganda passing out mosquito nets!

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AFT Season 1 – Episode 7: Serena Norrell

I was glad to have Serena Norrell come by my office this week. A longtime member of Alameda with quite a life story. Listen to Serena talk about her difficult childhood, dealing with hearing loss, and learning about her Asperger’s Syndrome. Learn about her personal ministry to people in need, and why she has such a passion for telling jokes. Bonus: did you know Serena is two months younger than me! I hope you will listen all the way through our conversation. Let her be a blessing in your life and love you in her wonderful way.

Serena Norrell

(AFT’s theme song is taken from Paul Simon’s song You Can Call Me Al. Download this classic!)

AFT Season 1 – Episode 6: Drew Hill

Drew Hill came by the office this week. Drew is a senior at Norman North High School here in Norman, Oklahoma. Hear from Drew about transitioning to Norman as a freshman, about his front row view at the recent championship game, and his extensive involvement in student government. Drew also shares about his passion for his youth group, the Theo Boys, and Burnt Cabin Christian Camp. What does Drew have to do with West Point and starfish? I say, now there’s a reason to listen! Please be praying for Drew and all of our Alameda high school seniors as they are making big life decisions over the next few months.

Drew, looking presidential
Drew, looking presidential

AFT Season 1 – Episode 5: Payton Minzenmayer

Payton Minzenmayer stopped by my office for a few minutes to discuss his new life at Alameda. First on the agenda: what in the world kind of name is “Minzenmayer” anyway? Learn about his family, the next college degree he is working on, as well as his Connections Ministry plans for now and into the future. Bonus: Where are he and Darian headed on their anniversary cruise? I hope you enjoy getting to know Payton a little more through this podcast. If you haven’t already, be sure to introduce yourself to this marvelous couple on Sunday.

Payton Minzenmayer, Alameda's "new" Connection Minister
Payton Minzenmayer, Alameda’s “new” Connection Minister

AFT Season 1 – Episode 4: College Students on Thanksgiving Break

Tyler Clark and Josie Parker (Alameda members & 2016 summer interns) return to talk about school and life so far this semester. This time they welcomed Brittain Langdon to join the conversation. Charlie Brown or Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer? Listen to these wonderful college students talk about the recent presidential election, share their views on automated cars, and give their analysis of social media. What are the best items to stuff into a college car package? You might be surprised what they say.

Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving!

AFT Season 1 – Episode 3: Stephen Link

Stephen Link stops by to visit about Alameda’s Celebrate Recovery Ministry. He shares some about his family, previous Life Group leadership, as well as his passion for the Cubs. (Of course there is only celebration in the Cubs community this year!) Enjoy getting to know Stephen a bit and learning more about Alameda’s Celebrate Recovery ministry.

Stephen Link is a big Cubs fan!

When listening to this one you might want to turn up the volume. It was recorded on a low setting by accident. (And, by the way, I grew up in New Jersey. In the podcast I certainly meant to say, “Philadelphia area.” For my Jersey friends, I wasn’t disowning my hometown of Tabernacle!)

(Intro and outro music both come from Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al. you can purchase this song HERE.)

AFT Season 1 – Episode 2: Eddie Stolz

Eddie Stolz is a longtime member in our Alameda church family. Listen to Eddie talk about his history with Alameda, his ministry with our Widows and Widowers, hospital visitation, and co-leading a Life Group. Also, did you know Eddie is a trained artist? Get to know this wonderful man. He will truly be a blessing in your life.

Eddie Stolz holding two original paintings.

Eddie Stolz holding two original paintings.